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Web developer, yogi, beer & wine consumer, pet lover, Beyoncé fan.

2014 : A Year of Professional Focus

Well, it’s the first day of 2015 and that means it’s time to reflect on the last year and set some goals for the new one! 2014 was a year of significant professional growth for me. It was a lot of hard work, maybe more than I wanted to bear at some points, but I’m […]

SlickQuiz v1.3 + New Logo!

Hellllloooooo friends. Back again with some more SlickQuiz updates. Do you know what I’m excited about this time? The super fresh logo I just made in celebration of the release of v1.3 SlickQuiz WordPress. Just look at it! It’s so blue and shiny. Gradient-y and shadow-y, in just the right places. I’m pretty happy with […]

SlickQuiz WordPress v1.2.32 Release Notes

Hello! A good and sizeable update day to all of you! We’ve got a few new options and a few general enhancements this time. Let’s get to ’em! Download v1.2.32 New & Changed Options In the SlickQuiz Options section, there are now separate options to display per question response messages (this is enabled by default) […]

SlickQuiz Update – Version 1.5? …. .1?

Hey all! As promised I’ll be posting about updates to SlickQuiz here from now on. So let’s get to the first one. Tonight I updated the SlickQuiz jQuery plugin to version 1.5.1. That is a completely arbitrary number. I haven’t been tagging versions at all, but now seemed like a good time to start. With […]

Just another blog…

Add it to the sea of blogs already out there. It’s not even my first blog, of course. I also have JewlOfTheLotus.com, my “photography” blog. I put that in quotes because it’s only recently become photography centric. There’s a lot of other personal and professional content over there, as well. In fact, there’s a good […]