GDI Ann Arbor Chapter Leaders & Organizers at the 2-Year Anniversary Party
Girl Develop It Ann Arbor Chapter Leaders and Organizers
at the 2-Year Anniversary Fundraiser

There’s a tendency to begin posts like this with the phrase, “with a heavy heart,” but to start out that way today wouldn’t be the truth. My heart is not heavy, but rather light, and open, and inviting, and free.

And so it is with a light heart, that today I must announce my stepping down as Chapter Leader of Girl Develop It Ann Arbor. My heart is not light because I am free of some burden or struggle, but instead because of the excitement that I have for the future of the chapter and it’s members, as well as the exhilaration that comes with the prospect of new opportunities and endeavors.

My career, my hobbies, and my interests are steering me down new paths and in my heart I know that space must be created for these new paths and their destinations to be fully revealed.

It has been a pleasure and an honor building up this chapter along with my fellow leaders – Ronda, Emily, and Sara – and all of our dedicated organizers and volunteers. I couldn’t be prouder of all that we’ve accomplished, the lives we’ve impacted, and the community that we’ve grown through many hours, and years, of hard work.

I am SO excited to see ALL of you – leaders, organizers, volunteers, and members – continue to grow and evolve with the chapter. And have no worries, this isn’t goodbye forever! I still plan on remaining involved as an instructor and volunteer, and as a member and advocate.

So finally, let me say thank you. Thank you to all who helped bring this dream that Ronda and I had almost three years ago to life and to success. GDIA2 has surpassed all of our grandest wishes and expectations, and is something I will forever consider as one of my greatest accomplishments.

So, I ❤️  you all. I ❤️  GDI. Keep on kicking ass! And I’ll see you around soon…