So, last week was CodeMash – every MidWesterners favorite tech conference. Back in the fall, I submitted 4 talks to the CFP. Much to my surprise, they accepted 3 of them – an 8-hour “Precompiler” workshop, and 2 1-hour talks.

Well, IMHO, I kicked ass in all three of them – especially my new favorite Modular CSS talk.


Here’s my crowd for the SassShop precompiler…


And a photo of my favorite slide from the Modular CSS talk…which was packed!


And a nice shot of the crowd at my final Sass talk…


Finally, after all that talking and preparation, just a few hours before I thought I would be done with it all, I found out that I’d need to teach the GDI Intro to HTML & CSS workshop over the weekend.

I had not yet taught this workshop, and had only barely looked at the slides. So of course, I spent about 6 hours Friday night reviewing and cleaning up the first day’s slides, and another 6 hours Saturday night on the Day 2 slides. And proceeded to teach another 8 hours over the weekend.

Not gonna lie, I nailed this one too….


Total this week: 18 hours of speaking and probably ~18 hours of prepping.

So, while all of this was a hell of a lot of work, and at times pretty damn stressful, I came out at the end feeling energized, accomplished, and confident. No complaints. Victory is mine.

And now it’s time to catch up on sleep :)