Back in May, I gave what may have been my most successful talk to date at self.conferenceGetting Sassy with CSS. The room was packed, I got a few laughs, and nothing went horribly awry. Fortunately, this talk was also recorded! And now here it is for you to enjoy!

This intro to Sass talk was adapted from my much longer format Girl Develop It workshop – and let me tell you, shrinking 6 hours of content down to 40 minutes was no small feat.

Getting Sassy with CSS @ self.conf

Julie Cameron introduces Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets, a CSS meta-language and precompiler, covering nesting, variables, mixins, inheritance, directives, gotchas, tools, extensions, and tips. Julie Cameron is a front-end developer for Articulate working in the Metro-Detroit area. Julie is a fan of Sassy CSS and modular architecture, responsive web design, and is a student of JavaScript and self-improvement.