It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to really hammer out some improvements to SlickQuiz, so I’m happy to say that the few hours I was able to put in tonight resulted in 4 new quiz options, a bug fix, and an adjustment to an existing option!

Here’s the run down…

  • NEW option for questions with single answers – force the answers to use checkboxes to obscure the fact that there is only one answer from the user.
  • NEW option to display answer options along with response messaging after each question.
  • NEW option to prevent the score from displaying with the results.
  • NEW option to prevent the ranking level from displaying with the results (also makes ranking levels optional in quiz forms).
  • Adjusted how email saving works: if score saving is enabled and a user is logged in, an email will always be saved for them (regardless of whether or not the Email field is set to display.)
  • Fixed a bug that made the quiz fairly unusable if you removed the value from the “Check Answer” option field.

Grab v1.3.3 and give it a go!