Girl Develop It Launch Party Turnout

Look at that. Just spend a second to take that all in. Those are the women of the Ann Arbor tech community. A segment of the population that we had no idea existed to such an extent until now. Until Girl Develop It pulled them all together for a night of excitement and celebration. Just… wow.

Ok… so that may have sounded a bit grandiose of me, but I think everyone in that room felt the same, at least a little bit.

So, needless to say at this point, but the Girl Develop It Launch Party that took place Wednesday, June 4th, was a huge success. We had roughly around 120 people throughout the course of the night! WAY more than we ever expected – which, optimistically, was 40-60!

HUGE thanks to Pillar for sharing their awesome location and providing a wonderful spread from the Produce Station. Everyone loved it and had nothing but complements!!

AND this trend seems to be continuing! Our first post-launch event at Ann Arbor SPARK, Mobile Development: A Whirlwind Tour, had a great attendance!

Mobile Development: A Whirlwind Tour

We’re very excited to see where this group goes over the next few months and in our first year! If you haven’t yet, please join us!