Last month, I was invited to give a lightening talk for our local JavaScript meetup group, SEM.js, at their 1-year anniversary celebration. They wanted to switch things up a bit, so the topics were on a wide range of things mostly unrelated to JavaScript. They asked me to discuss OOCSS. And so, in under 8 minutes, that is what I did.

Let me tell you, that was a rush. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, knowing I had to semi-thoroughly explain OOCSS, which of course also meant explaining modularity in general, in under 7-8 minutes. But I made it, and apparently came off as fairly calm, and so I decided to do it again at GDI Detroit & Vitamin T’s Digital Rendezvous.

The Digital Rendezvous event was held in a brewery, so I prepared for my talk with the help of an IPA. I also had a little bit more time to present, so was able to get in a bit more explanation. Overall, better than the first time, but sorry – no video.

At this point, I’m entertaining the idea of starting up a regular lightening talk+beer event around Ann Arbor. This may be a GDI event, or something entirely separate, or maybe a collaboration! In any case, I’m excited!