Girl Develop It

Yes! Girl Develop It is coming to Ann Arbor!

Inspired by the success of the Girl Develop It Detroit chapter, myself and Ronda Bergman – a long time developer and president of the Ann Arbor chapter of Association for Women in Computing, are co-founding this chapter in hopes of creating a thriving community of women interested in technology in the Ann Arbor area.

In alignment with the international organization, our goal will be to empower and assist women interested in getting into and advancing in the tech industry. We hope to put our focus on teaching modern develop best practices and giving our students something to show for their time.

We are currently taking a community survey to assess the needs and desires of the area – right now it looks like we’ll probably be hosting a mix of educational workshops and presentations, women in tech discussions, and social gatherings.

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting new initiative, please join our Meetup group, take our community survey, and start spreading the word!