Hellllloooooo friends. Back again with some more SlickQuiz updates. Do you know what I’m excited about this time? The super fresh logo I just made in celebration of the release of v1.3 SlickQuiz WordPress.

Just look at it! It’s so blue and shiny. Gradient-y and shadow-y, in just the right places. I’m pretty happy with it, for not being a “designer”. Thaaaanks, Pixelmater!

So, as I mentioned, SlickQuiz WordPress v1.3. I’ve been working my way steadily through the 1.2.x tasks since January and today I came to the closing point. Here’s are the new additions that took us to the finish line:

Bug Fixes!!! Most notably, some users had issues with the Score Widget not sorting properly – good news, it’s all good now.

Two New Options! You’re now able to toggle the question count (“Question x of X”) on and off.
You can also toggle the question number (the “1.” in “1. What is the first question?”) on and off. Thanks to @PhilKershaw for his help with those.

New Shortcode! You can now use [slickquiz id=url] to dynamically render a quiz based off an ID in the URL. The ID needs to be at the end of the path, for example: /path/to/my/page/3. Thanks to @nfreear for that one!

That’s all for today! Thanks to all the users and contributors for all your help and support in keeping this project going and improving!