This year’s annual Women of CodeMash photo

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend my second CodeMash conference in Sandusky, Ohio at the ever entertaining Kalihari waterpark resort. It was a blast – as expected.

Many old friends were seen, and even more new friends were made. Many new things were learned and shared. And, of course, many drinks were imbibed with many of the old and new friends over conversations of many of the new learned and shared things while lounging in an outdoor heated pool. It was a good time.

But part of what made this year’s CodeMash ultra epic for me, was that it was also my first time ever speaking at a conference! My talk was essentially a lessons-learned from providing support for my open source SlickQuiz plugin. And it went well! I filled up a good portion of the room and had a lot of Q&A at the end, which I’m pretty sure indicated a solid interest and enjoyment of the presentation! :) My favorite part of the presentation was the imagery – so here’s a link and the session description if you’re interested…

Surviving Support: 10 Tips for Saving Your Users and Yourself

When I open sourced my plugin to the WordPress community, user support was one of the last things on my mind – I was more excited to have written awesome code and a helpful site extension. Shortly thereafter though, customer support was the only thing I had time for. When your user base ranges in skill level from experienced developer to your grandmother, well… you’ve gotta be prepared for just about anything. This session will highlight the challenges and benefits of stellar support and offer a few tricks to make the process as painless as possible for both your user and yourself.

Aside from MY session, my favorites from the other presenters were on the topics of object orientation, functional programing, UX design, and Backbone.js! If you’re interested and have some time, you can find a growing compilation of CodeMash slides here.

Until next time… Live your life and do something awesome!