Cloudy Mountains
Bright Mountain Colors
Deer Valley

I’ve already mentioned it a few times but I figured that now, after one whole month of contributing code, it’d be a good time to share the news with all of you… I’m doing frontend development for Articulate now!

I discovered Articulate via a job post on Github Jobs and became immediately smitten with the company – they just seemed to get it, ya know?

Autonomy! Project ownership! Modern technologies! Modern practices! UX focus! Responsive! Sass!!11!1one1!OMG!

Oh yeah, AND – you get to do it all from home. With your cat in your lap (or your dog by your side).

And if that isn’t enough WIN for you – Articulate is an e-Learning software provider. That means that my job is now ultimately aimed at helping people get smarter. The feels. I haz them.

And finally, to really put the icing on the cake – a week after I signed, they flew me out to an amazing Park City resort in the middle of the mountains for the company’s annual retreat weekend. It was the best first day I could have possibly had, especially going into a remote position. Meeting everyone up front helped to eliminate a lot of insecurity and nervousness that I’d have otherwise had. Plus, every single person I met of the ~94/100 teammates that could make it out – was freaking awesome.

So, I’m thrilled and I think it’s been going well. In just a month, I feel like I’ve already made a big contribution to my project and I’m excited to continue seeing it forward.

With that, I’ll leave you with some photos from the gorgeous Utah retreat. And if you dig ’em, there are a few more available on flickr.

Day 2 - Group Hike
My teammates in the forest
My teammates and I :)
The group taking a scenic break
There were lots of trees
Trail chillin