Hello! A good and sizeable update day to all of you! We’ve got a few new options and a few general enhancements this time. Let’s get to ’em!

Download v1.2.32

New & Changed Options

In the SlickQuiz Options section, there are now separate options to display per question response messages (this is enabled by default) and completion response messaging.

New SlickQuiz Response Messaging Options

These two options aim at replacing the singular option to disable response messages entirely. To do that, you should now disable both per question and completion response message options. This change will ultimately give you more flexibility with when (and if) users find out whether they were right or wrong, and why.

Additionally in the SlickQuiz create / edit form, there is a new option for questions with multiple correct answers – considers the selection of any single correct answer from the set of correct answers a valid response

New SlickQuiz Any Answer is Valid Option


I’ve attempted to eliminate some unnecessary styles that might conflict with your theme’s defaults. This should hopefully make the quiz appear more native to each theme.

I’ve added a bunch of helpful comments around inputs that should make it easier to understand what each field is for.

Lastly, I’ve fixed a bug that ensures critical buttons should never disappear in preview window when certain quiz settings are enabled.