Hey all! As promised I’ll be posting about updates to SlickQuiz here from now on. So let’s get to the first one.

Tonight I updated the SlickQuiz jQuery plugin to version 1.5.1. That is a completely arbitrary number. I haven’t been tagging versions at all, but now seemed like a good time to start. With this update comes a new division of response messaging preferences.

Per Question vs. Completion vs. Disabled Response Messaging

Recently, I received a request to be able to show both response messages per question AND response messages upon completion.

This update allows that to happen, but alters a few of the previously available options – so you might need to update your code appropriately.

Deprecated options:
disableResponseMessaging – This has been removed in favor or setting both of the following options to false.

New options:
perQuestionResponseMessaging (Boolean) Default: true; – Displays correct / incorrect response messages after each question is submitted.

Slightly altered options:
completionResponseMessaging (Boolean) Default: false; – Displays all questions and selected answers with correct or incorrect response messages when the quiz is completed.

To disable response messaging entirely, set both perQuestionResponseMessaging and completionResponseMessaging to false.

To show both per question and upon completion message, set both options to true

To show either per question or upon completion messaging… well I think you get the idea…

Grab the update on Github: 1.5.1

11/10/13 Update: These changes are now also available in the WordPress version.