TLDR: I’m working remotely now! Remote work is still kind of a new thing. I hope to use this new blog category as a forum to share remote work resources and cultivate discussion along the way.

It seems like over the last year or so, remote jobs and teams have been popping up all over the place, literally. It’s awesome! Work-life balance! YES!

I just started a remote job a few weeks ago and, as you may have guessed, am LOVING it.  I’ve got the freedom to work when and where it’s most convenient for me, which ultimately leads to increased productivity, less distractions, and extra / flexible time to do the things that I need and want to do in life.

That sounds great, right? But you’ve probably got a few concerns floating around in your head… What about communication and collaboration? What about project management and keeping tabs on my team? What about isolation?

Well to be honest, working remotely isn’t for everyone. I had the opportunity to take a remote job several months ago, but at the time, I just wasn’t ready for it. I was concerned and nervous about the possibility of isolation. At the time, I was part of a very tightly knit team of people and going into the office and interacting with them was my favorite part of the job, rather than the actual work I was doing. It would’ve been a pretty tough shift to a remote team.  However, over the course of the following months, my waning passion for web development (a story for another day) was revitalized and my favorite aspect of work shifted from working side-by-side with an awesome group of people, to writing really great code in really great languages.

It was at that point that location and proximity to my team became far less important.  I can write code anywhere.  I can write code anytime.  I can ping other developers from all sides of the world and from all sorts of development backgrounds anytime, via many means, to find out virtually anything I want to know.  Not having a team right next to you really just means you need to have good communication.

And we’ve got plenty of ways to communicate in this modern age – chat, video conferencing, email, screen sharing – just to name a few.

Well, I’ve been going on for a while and at this point don’t really have a conclusion. I’ve only just started this whole remote thing, so I’ll be learning for awhile. AND, I hope to share my findings with all of you fine folks. So stay tuned for resources, links, tools, and all things remote to come your way.